Horse Box Bar

2017 We worked extremely hard converting a horse box into a mobile bar with family, friends and even local businesses helping and contributing towards the conversion ready for a full launch along with our first hog roast service.
For the full conversion photo album please click here KC Restore

March 2018
We launched Horse & Hog on Portishead High Street. Since then we have attended many weddings, birthdays, community and charity events.

Our Bar Prices & Standard Stock

On the Bar

Name Description Price
Pimms & Lemonade Glass £4.00
Thatchers Gold Pint £3.80
Carling Pint £3.80
Guinness Pint £4.00

On the Optics

Name Description Price
Smirnoff Vodka 25ml £3.50
Gordons Original 25ml £3.50
Gordons Pink 25ml £3.50
Bacardi 25ml £3.50
Malibu 25ml £3.50
Baileys 25ml £3.50
Jack Daniels 25ml £3.50
Captain Morgan’s Spiced 25ml £3.50
Captain Morgan’s Dark 25ml £3.50
Sherry 25ml £3.50
Port 25ml £3.50
Famous Grouse Whisky 25ml £3.50
Three Barrels Brandy 25ml £3.50

From the Fridge

Name Description Price
Doombar Pint £3.80
John Smiths Pint £3.00
Peroni Pint £3.80
Budweiser Pint £3.00
Thatchers Haze Pint £3.00
Koppenberg Strawberry & Lime Can £2.50
Rose Glass £4.00
White Wine Glass £4.00
Red Wine Glass £4.00
Prosecco Glass £4.50

Soft Drinks & Mixers

Name Description Price
Coca Cola Can £0.80
Diet Coke Can £0.80
Schweppes Lemonade Can £0.80
Fruitshoots Bottle £0.50
Bottle of Water Bottle £0.60
Blackcurrant Dash £0.25
Orange Dash £0.25
Lime Dash £0.25
Tonic Water Dash £0.25
Soda Water Dash £0.25
Bitter Lemon Dash £0.25